My actual portfolio website has been up for a couple of years now, and it has served pretty well as a small indicator of my abilities and a way to establish some sort of web presence for myself. Over the past half year or so, I’ve found myself engaging in more and more interesting activities and projects, and most of them just haven’t felt right on the Portfolio site. (Perhaps they lack completeness.) As I’ve move forward on the track I currently find myself on, I continue to ponder over the best way to establish my brand, and further establish my web presence(Because apparently, these are things I care about now). Ideally, I see this blog as working in tandem with the portfolio, providing an extra dimension with which to engage others, present myself, and show what I’m about and up to. – 7/10/2013

Alan M. Ware – Tech Dude/Primary Contributor

me01 I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bradley University in December 2007. Currently I reside in Sacramento, California. I mainly do freelance technical work, including but not limited to computer-aided-drafting (CAD), 3D modeling and mechanical design, 3D printing services, prototype design and manufacturing consulting, and mobile application development. Essentially, anything tech related that people will pay me to do. I also am on staff at Hacker Lab, a Sacramento-based hacker space focused on providing networking and work space to entrepreneurs in the Sacramento area and beyond.