Don’t call it a comeback…

…I’ve been here for years. (Couldn’t help myself) Who knows if anyone reads this, but I finally got around to some much needed website maintenance, and now the blog is working again. Current events have definitely affected me in a myriad of ways, and for that and other reasons, I decided it was time to wake this beast of a blog from it’s slumber.

A habit I’ve endeavored to break over the years is talking about what’s coming. I really just prefer to do the thing and then just talk about the fact that it’s done. Works a lot better for business environments. There’s a whole bunch I would like to say about my plans for this site moving forward, some of the content I’m working on and all that noise. So I’m going to skip all of that and we’ll just have to see what happens.

I’m going to paraphrase a quote from a recent interview Dr. Cornel West gave on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show that’s been making the rounds on the internet as of late. Try, fail, try again, and “Fail better next time.” Here’s to failing better than we did before.