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Welcome to! This website was created by and is currently maintained by me, Alan Ware. Here you will be able to find examples of my work in SolidWorks. Also available is a more detailed explanation about this site, as well as a detailed profile including my skill set, and software and other tools I am familiar with. If there is a opportunity available, please do not hesitate to contact me. And of course, comments are always appreciated. Thank you for visiting my page! (Also, check out my blog!)

3D Printing & Classes

- Jan 2nd, 2014

Happy New Year! In trying to get 2014 off to a good start, there are a number of updates to the site. Recently added to the main navigation are the 3D Printing and Classes links. The Classes page outlines the classes and presentations I've been giving lately(or could present if desired...), mostly at Hacker Lab. More material shall be added in the coming weeks, as I intend for the aforementioned page to also serve as a point of reference for students of my classes. The 3D printing page is a bit of a catch all. As I've been working a lot with 3D printing over the past year or so, I've accumulated a bit of information, and get asked a lot of questions. That page is an attempt to gather some of that disparate information in one place, as well as show what I'm up to in that arena as well.

Blog! (and Sacramento Press article)

- Aug 17th, 2013

I finally got my blog up! I've been up to a number of things recently that haven't felt proper on this site, so I've been looking for a better medium to present information about my projects. The blog is intended to be a forum for some of my works in progress, and maybe even a test ground for more radical ideas. Ideally, the blog should work in concert with my website with out too much overlap. Also, I was mentioned recently in a Sacramento Press article related to my work for the Sacramento Public Library's 3D printer program.


- June 29th, 2013

I'm famous! Not really. For the past couple of months I've been working for the Sacramento Public Library as a consultant for their Design Spot program. To be brief, this program(located at the Arcade Branch library) has made 3D printers and various design software available for public use. Though it has calmed down a bit now, there was recently quite the brouhaha regarding the 3D printed gun that was developed about a month or so ago. Personally, I don't think there is much to be worried about regarding that. If you want my further thoughts on that feel free to email me. Regardless, because of that attention and the previously planned publicizing of the program, I was interviewed a number of times by various media outlets in Sacramento. I'm currently trying to track down all of the spots I was in, but for now here is a story run by KCRA3 Sacramento and another from CBS13 Sacramento. I will post others when and if I find them.

Tapigami Kickstarter!

- March 15th, 2013

Good news! Recently, a Kickstarter project I am affilated with just recently surpassed its $15,000 dollar goal to top out at $16,058. Two related links, one to the Kickstarter page for Hacker Glasses and the Tapigami website. With input from the Tapigami guys, I designed and 3D printed the intial design frames. With the successful conclusion of the Kickstarter, I will also be working with Tapigami to produce the production versions of the glasses. It has been a blast working with the Danny and Tre(the guys behind Tapigami), and I look forward to future opportunities with them!